Jenn Maley

Producer. Actor. Director. Writer. Consultant.

Power Strip

Jenn is the Assistant Director to Tyne Rafaeli for Power Strip by Sylvia Khoury. Power Strip is playing at the Claire Tow Theater at Lincoln Center beginning October 5th.

About the show: In Power Strip, Yasmin, a young Syrian refugee (Dina Shihabi), spends her days tethered to an electric power strip in a Greek refugee camp. Once a middle-class student in Aleppo whose life was dictated by the expectations of men, her sheltered existence has been shattered by a brutal civil war. In the war-torn world of the refugee camp, Yasmin finds that she must betray everything she once knew and valued in order to survive.

Usual Girls

Jenn was the Assistant Director to Tyne Rafaeli for Usual Girls by Ming Peiffer. Usual Girls played at the Roundabout Theater Underground and received a Critic’s Pick from the New York Times.

About the show: How do girls grow up? Quickly, painfully, wondrously. On an elementary school playground, a boy threatens to tell on the girls for swearing—unless one of them kisses him. But just before lips can touch, Kyeoung tackles the boy to the ground. The victory is short-lived. Over the coming years, Kyeoung’s stories get stranger, funnier, more harrowing—and more familiar. This hilarious, explicit gut-punch of a play bursts with playwright Ming Peiffer’s bold, explosive voice.


Jenn directed Goldilocks: A Drag Musical by Erin Reifler at the Hudson Guild Theater.

About the show: An unconventional twist on the children's tale, Goldilocks follows the relationship between Paul and Lisa, a young couple with an unexpected pregnancy. As Paul tries to figure out who he is, he stumbles into the drag scene and becomes Goldilocks, a drag queen performing with his “three bears.” The relationship is tested as Paul explores his new passion.